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Check out these great articles on our operations and activity in Dallas!










Another great article from the people at the Dallas Morning news. Thank you Karel Holloway for caring and showing your support for our organization



Thank you to our friends at Edible Dallas! We truly appreciate your support. 



This week we attended the Carbon Economy Series at Cedar Valley College where Joel Salatin was the speaker. We were so grateful to have this opportunity to learn from one of our heroes. We learned that Joel is not in sustainable agriculture at all... yet he is a regenerative farmer, a farmer who gives back to the land, the air, the earth, the animal and the community and has done it so well that he is touching lives all over the world becuse of his magnificent approach to agriculture and his ability to capture an audience. We we feel so priveleged today and wish to thank Inginia and Maria Boccalandro, Urban Acres and all the other sponsors who helped make this happen. Tommorrow we will be at Urban Acres for the ribbon cutting ceremony at their new farmstead location. We will be installing a demonstration worm composting bin and will be offering for teh first time our live compost tea striaght off the still. Its called "Worm Shine"...Go pick up a jug and make your yard happy this growing season.



   Carry the Load was a tremendous event! With the help of friends, brothers, and teammates, we managed to raise $860.00 total, which was well over our original $200.00 pledge.  I did not complete the entire 20 hours but I did walk for 15 hours with a 40 lb pack for a total distance of 40.8 miles. It was awesome to meet so many great patriots who left the comfort of their BBQ grills and beer coolers to collectively “embrace the suck” and remember all of our fallen heroes. I will be doing this every year for Memorial Day, and encourage everyone to do the same!


  On Wednesday, May 15, we installed a roof top farm over Mecca Design Studios in the Dallas design district. It is, to date, one of our favorite projects. We had some fun with it, and planted a watermelon patch in earth buckets, along with Lemon Cucumbers, and Red Malabar climbing spinach. We would like to thank George Mecca for giving us this opportunity. We also want to thank Liz Goulding from Slow Food, and all the volunteers who came out in support, to include the wonderful folks at Urban Acres. Another joyous day, doing what we love!


Check out the write up by the Dallas Morning news


   We would like to thank Urban Acres for arranging the "Steward's Dinner" with Joel Salatin at Four Corners Brewery. My wife and I had a great time, enjoyed fresh farm to table dining from some extremely talented local chefs, and met lots of amazing like minded people including Joel himself. He is an example of what good stewardship should be defined by, and an advocate of responsible and sustainable agriculture, all the while being one of our heroes. To learn more about Joel find him at www.polyfacefarms.com 

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